My mom always told me “you need to do what you want.” She would say, “If you don’t want to go to a friends party because you’re tired just don’t go” and she would say, “If someone is telling you to do something you don’t want to do, then don’t do it.” I love her because now my motto is, “I DO WHAT I WANT


fashion and girly things

Thing right here about how it's OK to love sports and to also love fashion. You can like whatever you like and it doesn't have to define you, etc. etc. etc. 



the only football player

All your friends were cheerleaders and you were on the football team. We should totally highlight this. I don't know if we want this page but I seriously think your motto is so cool and a part of your branding, so it could be cool to have this whole section about doing what's right for you and stuff.


More stuff on doing what you want

Continued stuff on doing what you want. These images could be slideshows instead with multiple images if you want, or we can just use that feature elsewhere.